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Credit knowledge is POWER!

Our Certified Credit Consultants will work with you to access and understand your credit report, while eliminating all the INACCURATE, UNVERIFIABLE, and INCOMPLETE information from your Credit Report. 

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Solutions to All your Credit Repair Needs!

We Utilize our Extremely EFFECTIVE Disputing Process to  

Remove & Dispute Inaccurate Derogatory Items: 

  • COLLECTIONS            

Credit Reporting Agencies admitted 51% of their files contained some type of error

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We NEVER Charge Up Front Enrollment/Set-Up Fees!!!

Restore - Rebuild - Protect

Let us help YOU Restore, Rebuild, and Protect Your Credit

Knowing Everything You can about Your credit is key to maintaining GOOD ACCURATE Credit!

The Law is very specific--"ALL" Accounts reported to the Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) MUST Be Accurate!

If It Can't be VERIFIED as Accurate, then it MUST be REMOVED!

Platinum Credit Consultants--WE GET RESULTS!


Unlike other Credit Repair Companies

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We NEVER Charge Up Front Enrollment/Set-Up Fees!!!  

3 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

#1--Monthly rent payments can increase your credit score!

  • There are 43 million renters in the US, that pay monthly rent for an apartment, condo, or home. Many consumers aren't aware that they can get credit for their monthly rent payments by adding a "trade line" to their report.  
  • A trade line is simply an account reported on your credit report. 
  • Platinum Credit Consultants has partnered with Rentreporters.com to help you make those payments count!
  • Once you sign up with Rentreporters.com they will report your on time monthly payments to Transunion 
  • By signing up with Rentreporters.com you can raise your credit score up 35--50 points within 15 days!! 

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Save $10 when you sign up with Rentreporters.com and use Platinum Credit Consultants referral code ➥ "BA964"  

If you’ve been paying your rent on time for years. Make those payments count!

#2--Being Added as Authorized User on a Credit Card

Being added as an authorized user simply means someone with good credit history on a credit card adds you to their card as a "authorized user". You have someone else's card in your name.

  • Find someone that has good credit and pays their bills on time
  • Their good credit and activity history will be recorded on your credit report
  • They may be quicker to add you -- If you let them keep the card
  • Even though you're NOT the primary owner of the card you can still make purchases
  • Keep in mind its the primary cardholders responsibility for all payments so choose wisely

#3--Pay All Your Bills On Time!!!!!

  • Payment History Makes Up 35% of Your Score
  • Keep Utilization ratio down under 20%
  • Don't Max out your credit cards

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